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Control your relationship anger triggers with professional couples anger management counselling.

Can’t We Just Get Along Counselling is here to support you and your significant other in learning to manage and express anger and rebuild your interpersonal communication skills. If you’re ready to bring peace back to your relationship, book a session with us.

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What Is Couples Anger Management Therapy?

Couples anger management therapy is a counselling service that helps you and your loved one understand what triggers episodes of anger in your relationship while providing logical strategies and techniques to manage angry thoughts and outbursts. Anger management problems can occur due to various reasons, and the best way to cope with those issues is to seek help from a mental health professional.

Is Anger an Emotion Or a Choice?

Anger is viewed as both an emotion and a choice. You feel anger when a specific situation triggers you, but you and your partner can learn to control those feelings and limit them through anger management techniques, like deep breathing. At times, anger can feel so powerful that you lose self-control. When this happens, it can put your partner in a very difficult and complicated situation. To ensure your anger doesn’t harm your relationship, you and your partner must know how to react and respond to one another’s emotions respectfully.

Signs & Symptoms Of Anger Issues In Your Relationship

If you notice that you or your loved one have an unhealthy connection with the feeling of anger, you may have an anger issue in your relationship. Here are some signs that your relationship is struggling with anger issues:

Typically, anger is a misunderstood emotion and often disguises the root of the problem. If any of the listed signs or symptoms resonate with your relationship, it may be time to get professional help from a registered psychologist.

When To Get Help With Relationship Anger Problems

You may notice that you or your loved ones’ feelings of anger are getting the best of you and heavily impacting your relationship. Managing anger is not an easy task, but once you learn how to control anger, you will find additional peace and happiness in your relationship.

Controlling angry thoughts and emotions is imperative to living a healthy mental and physical lifestyle for both you and your loved one. If certain circumstances lead you or your partner to act out or are causing you both to feel resentment towards one another, it’s time to get couples anger management help.

What Is The Best Therapy For Couples Anger Management?

Many different forms of therapy may work best for your relationship, depending on your ability to manage anger, your communication skills, and the severity of anger in your relationship. At times, your loved one can point anger at you due to something they are feeling or dealing with personally, like past events. Discovering these issues is crucial so you can begin working on yourselves to rebuild your relationship.

Here are some of the most common forms of therapy for couples dealing with anger issues:

If you determine there are other deeper personal problems that are affecting your relationship during your couples anger counselling session, you may be referred to an additional therapy solution, including:

About Our Couples Anger Management Therapy Services

At Can’t We Just Get Along Counselling, our expert anger management therapists will stand by and support you and your loved one from the moment you contact us until your relationship is healthy. We will work with you to:

Discover and work through triggers in your relationship.

Develop a realistic care plan to help you both overcome anger issues.

Support your relationship throughout the entire healing journey.

If you feel like the anger issues in your relationship have evolved or stemmed from larger issues, like depression, our registered psychologist will also help combat those challenges. At the end of the day, we want your relationship to be as healthy as possible, and we will work with you both to achieve that goal.

Rebuild Your Relationship With Couples Anger Management Counselling

If you’re ready to heal your relationship and take control of your anger issues, we’re here for you. We are so proud you are getting the help you and your partner deserve. 

Let’s put the love back into your relationship while rebuilding you and your loved one’s mental and emotional health. Book an appointment today to meet with a mental health professional and regain control of your relationship. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, marriage counselling can be helpful for couples who are struggling with anger issues. Anger can be a common and challenging problem in many relationships. Marriage counselling sessions can provide a supportive and safe space for couples to discover and address these anger issues.
Yes, with a desire to be better and the proper support from a registered psychologist, a partner with anger issues can change. We suggest that if your partner is experiencing anger issues, they seek anger management therapy. This counselling will teach them stress management skills, relaxation techniques, how to manage feeling angry, and much more. It's crucial to understand that those struggling with anger will not wake up one day and be "fixed". Change takes time and patience, and with your positive support, your loved one can work towards getting over their anger issues and rebuilding your relationship.
There are many reasons why you’re losing your temper with your significant other, including:
  • Poor communication skills
  • Unmet needs
  • Lack of parenting skills
  • Unresolved past issues
  • Personal issues such as depression or anxiety
  • External stressful situations such as work
If you’re losing your temper with your partner, it’s time to register for couples anger management counselling so you can address your issues and bring your relationship back to life.
Anger is a normal emotion when certain situations frustrate or upset you. However, if anger is expressed frequently between you and your partner, it can be very toxic and detrimental to your relationship. Anger can build up feelings of resentment, causing further problems that have a negative impact on not only your relationship but your personal well-being. If you associate your relationship with anger, it's time to get the spousal anger management support you and your partner deserve.
Couples counselling for anger management is the best way to fix anger in your relationship. If your angry thoughts stem from personal issues, such as depression, you may want to consider visiting a psychologist and getting support. If you feel like your feelings of anger are targeted towards your partner, it's best to get couples anger management counselling. At Can't We Just Get Along, we can provide marriage anger management counselling so you can explore and combat your issues to rebuild your relationship.
There are a variety of serious dangers when anger is present in a marriage. Some of these dangers include, but are not limited to:
  • Physical abuse
  • Verbal abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Mental health disorders
  • Negative effects on children
  • Reduced trust
  • Divorce or separation
Anger issues may or may not get worse with age; it really depends on the situation and how long the anger issues have been present. Anger can affect anyone at any age, and the best way to deal with these issues is to seek professional help.