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Health Anxiety Counselling

If you’re struggling with health anxiety, otherwise known as illness anxiety disorder, reach out and get the support you deserve. Although health anxiety is a serious form of anxiety, it is treatable.

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What Is Health Anxiety Therapy?

Health anxiety is a form of anxiety in which one believes they have an illness or medical condition even when a doctor confirms they don’t.

Health anxiety counselling will support those suffering from health anxiety disorders and help them understand where their fear stems from, how it is triggered, and how to cope. After a few counselling sessions with a health anxiety therapist, patients will realize their false beliefs and begin to recognize what is truly happening in their bodies.

Common Symptoms and Signs of Health Anxiety

Health anxiety can be shown in several physical or mental ways. The following are signs that you or your loved one may be struggling with a health anxiety disorder:

Physical Symptoms

Mental Symptoms

Different Causes of Health Anxiety

There is no tell-tale place where anxiety stems from, but if you have a history of the following situations, you may be more prone to developing health anxiety:

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The Difference Between Health Anxiety & Somatic Symptom Disorder

Health anxiety and somatic symptom disorder both result in one being obsessed with their health and wellness. However, health anxiety directly relates to someone with little-to-no physical symptoms of any illness. In contrast, somatic symptom disorder is when one has mild anxiety symptoms and feels as if they are taking over their daily life, even if they aren’t.

Why You Should Seek Help with Health Anxiety

When you or your loved one seeks support with health anxiety, it can help calm your body while rewiring your brain to acknowledge the truth about your health. You will discover what triggers your anxiety and how to tell your brain you are okay.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you’re struggling with anxiety. We want to get you the support you deserve.

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Our Approach to Anxiety Counselling

After you book a session with an experienced medical anxiety therapist, they will determine which form of health counselling most benefitsfor you. All behavioural health therapists at Can’t We Just Get Along Counsellinghave years of experience providing counselling support to those struggling with anxiety. Some of our anxiety treatments include:

If you’d like to seek professional medical advice, we can help you consult with your doctor to discuss anxiety-reducing medications.

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Get the Help You Need to Manage Your Health Anxiety

If you experience health anxiety, you’re not alone. Our highly-trained registered psychologists in Calgary, Alberta, are here to support you throughout your entire health and wellness journey.

When you’re ready to get the help you deserve, book a session with Can’t We Just Get Along Counselling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. Like any form of anxiety, once you recognize your triggers and understand how to control your anxious thoughts, you can begin to recover. The recovery process may look different for everyone based on personal experiences and depth of anxiety, but counselling services can help you face your disorder head-on.
Living with anxiety can feel very difficult and stressful, but with effective treatment from a mental health professional and surrounding yourself with positive family members and friends, you can live a normal life with health anxiety.
Although health anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) seem like similar mental disorders, health anxiety is not a form of OCD. When someone is struggling with health anxiety, they worry excessively about having a specific disease at that moment in time. Whereas one with OCD typically has compulsive behaviours with things that may happen to their own health in the future.
Yes. Any form of anxiety can cause physical symptoms within the body, including rapid heartbeat, pressure in the chest, stomach aches, tingling sensations, panic attacks, and more.
There are various anxiety therapy options, but we believe Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) is one of the most effective ways of treating health anxiety. CBT will help you break down your thoughts and emotions and help break your anxious cycle by reducing unhelpful thoughts.