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Welcome to The Path of Growing in EMDR

When you start navigating your professional growth in the world of EMDR it can be exciting and overwhelming, so it is useful to have help and support along the way. Below you will find an explanation of the different types of Consultation services that Melody offers. Melody is an EMDRIA Approved Consultant. Call Melody today to discuss your consultation needs 403-808-9124

Below are some of the consultation services Melody provides.

Consultation for completing the basic training

You will be going through a learning curve as you start to master the EMDR method. For this reason, Melody provides consultation support that encourages learning the basics of the method, ensuring you have this foundational knowledge to achieve your EMDRIA approved basic level EMDR certificate. Melody can provide up to 10 hours of training to help you achieve your basic training certificate. This can be done with written approval by the trainer who is providing your basic training.

Consultation for clinicians that want to become certified in EMDR therapy

Now that you have achieved your basic training, CONGRATULATIONS! If you want to continue to grow through the stages of learning in the EMDR method, the next step is to become certified. How do you do this? See the EMDRIA website for details: If you choose to work with Melody to achieve your certification, some of the learning methods include:

Providing one of the following a case presentation, sample recordings for your work or transcripts depicting your skills as an EMDR therapist. These work samples are used as a guild to review your understanding of the EMDR method. This type of consultation allows for the support needed to become a certified EMDR therapist and, at the same time, has an evaluative nature to it. Melody’s job as a consultant is to make sure you are competent in this method as she will be endorsing you to EMDRIA. For this reason, when Melody has seen your competency in the case presentation, sample recordings or transcripts, a letter will be sent on your behalf to EMDRA.

You would complete a minimum of 15 hours of consultation, with Melody for certification. You will need a total of 20 hours to become certified. Five of your total hours must be completed with an approved consultant. If you are interested in doing group consultation, please speak to me about those options.

Please note once you and Melody have agreed to start a consultation, a contract will be signed. This contract must be signed and received before beginning consultation and before tracking any hours towards your certification.

If you decide to move forward on the path to mastering EMDR, I am pleased to accompany you in your EMDR journey. Thanks for choosing to work with me as your consultant. We will be working together to review EMDR therapy procedural steps, the eight phases, the AIP model and more. I am committed to supporting you in achieving your highest goals as an EMDR therapist or as an EMDR consultant.

Call or email me today to discuss your consultation needs.

Clinical Supervision

Supervision For Registration As A Psychologist In The Province Of Alberta

If you are looking for a supervisor to assist you in completing your 1600 hours and all the requirement to become a registered psychologist in the province of Alberta, Melody is here to help you. With almost 20 years of experience, she has spent years studying and practicing clinical psychology, consultation, and supervision. We all need help and support along the way. So, she would love to help you reach your goals and grow in the field of psychology.
Once your academic requirements have been approved, and you are ready to create a supervision plan call or email me to discuss your provisional psychologist’s needs.
I look forward to speaking with you.
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