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Rebuild your relationships with couples therapy intensive programs.

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What are Intensive Couples and Individual Therapy Programs?

Can’t We Just Get Along Counselling provides intensive marriage counselling and couples workshops with certified Gottman therapists in Calgary, Alberta. We also offer individual workshops to improve mental health in several areas.

The goal of the programs is to help clients improve committed relationships and create the desired changes and positive results they seek for their individual and relationship wellness. These intensive counselling groups and workshops combine the most evidence-based theories, tools, and useful strategies to help couples get along and personal growth and well-being.

Are You Struggling with finding meaning, life purpose and connections after infertility? This group may help to support you in your journey as you wade through the pain of grief, loss, injustice, anger, low self-worth, and uncertainty. We hope that in attending this group you will find a way to navigate the pain, not have to feel alone and continue to move forward in your life’s journey.

What you will learn and experience in this group therapy:

What is the purpose of this group?

What is this group based in:

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) somatic therapy (ST) and EMDR Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing are the foundational models for this group. The use of these frameworks will allow you to understand yourself and help you gain tools for coping with your circumstance.

Who is this group for?

The group will be held for women who want to have children but are unable to conceive due to infertility, pregnancy loss, and other factors.

How does the group work?

Group therapy is a process whereby a group of people who are possibly experiencing similar challenges get together and share their pain to help one another. This is done with the guidance of a qualified therapist. This group is a clinical counselling therapeutic group, but also has psychoeducation components to it. Therefore, you will get a chance to share your experience in a therapeutic setting, but also have a chance to learn and access helpful resources. In this therapeutic group, confidentiality will be upheld.

For Couples Who Want to Improve Their Conflict Skills, Communication, and Intimacy.

This is an intensive program that deals with topics that promote a healthy, lasting relationship.

What is the method we use? The Gottman Method.

At Can’t We Just Get Along Counselling, we use the Gottman method, developed by John and Julie Gottman, to provide effective counselling to couples in need. After 30 years of research on marriage success and failure, Dr. John Gottman developed a counselling technique that helps to increase the success of relationships. The Gottman method is centered on the conclusion that relationships last longer when couples become better friends and learn to manage conflict.

Melody Evans, our Registered Clinical Psychologist and Marriage and Family Therapist, is trained by the Gottman Institute and provides effective, research based Gottman couples therapy to couples in Calgary.

When Couples Therapy Programs are a Good Fit

These intense programs and group sessions are best for couples or individuals in the following situations:

How does the group work?

The group is a combination of assessment of your relationship before you start the workshop, so you know your strengths and needs, short psychoeducational seminars with, videos, training exercises, and one on one counselling sessions with a therapist post learning the skill to apply it. Group questions and answers, followed by homework to apply your learning at home. Follow up post the workshop, with a plan to move forward after.

Register now to guarantee your spot, as space in each workshop is limited.

Registered psychologist and mental health professional Melody Evans will be your workshop leader. She creates a safe space where partners can deal with the challenges of healing from an affair, work through issues with self-esteem, and develop coping skills and emotion regulation. This program is provided to just one couple at a time.

Who Benefits from an Affair Recovery Program?

This is an intensive program for couples going through the initial discovery and recovery stages of infidelity.

Program Topics

This program covers the following issues to assist a couple dealing with the challenging problem of betrayal:

Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work Psychoeducational Virtual Workshop in Calgary

A workshop based on the principles of Gottman Therapy for Committed, or Married Couples

This is an intensive program that deals with topics that promote a healthy, lasting relationship.

Who Benefits from a Couples Communication, Conflict, and Intimacy Intensive Program?

This program is best suited for partners who want to stay in their marriage but are struggling or feel they need a tune-up.

Program Topics

This program addresses the following aspects of creating healthy relationships:

This is an intensive program that covers all aspects of how to create a long-lasting relationship.

Who Benefits from a Pre-Marriage Program?

This program is targeted towards couples just beginning their lives together. This program is an excellent idea for a wedding gift and is also for couples who want to establish good patterns of behavior early on in their lives together.

Program Topics

Topics include:

Who are your presenters, and what are the group facilitator's qualifications?

Melody Evans is an authorized Seven Principles Program Educator through the Gottman Institute. She has a Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy and is a Registered Clinical Psychologist, and Registered Marriage and Family Therapist. She has over twenty plus years of experience in the field of psychology; is a CAP (College of Albert Psychologist) supervisor, Certified EMDR Therapist and Approved EMDRIA Consultant.

Melody evans

Workshop Details

Time: March 2023

Location: In person and online via ZOOM, DOXY and at Can’t We Get Along Counselling located at #610 2424 4th Street or local hotel, depending on the workshop.

Based on the recommended fee schedule of the Association of Alberta Psychologists PAA Recommended Fee Schedule

Virtual groups – COST: $65 per hour, per person. Group counselling session lengths vary

In-Person Intensive Clinical Counselling Weekend – COST: $2500 per couple held over a weekend.

What is the cancellation policy?

Your registration fee is non-refundable 14 days before the group/workshop or seminar.

Register now to guarantee your spot, as space in each workshop is limited.

Fee is required to be paid in advance to register for the workshop. Please check with your insurance provider or health spending account to see if the fees will cover this psychological service.

Register for a Couples Therapy Program

The facilitators for our couples therapy day workshops are highly trained registered psychologists and therapists from our office in Calgary, Alberta. Contact our office for further information and to register for the next available program.