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Intensive Therapy Programs & Seminars For Couples In Calgary

Can’t We Just Get Along Counselling provides intensive group therapy and couples programs with registered psychologists in Calgary, Alberta. The goal of the programs is to assist clients in creating the desired changes they seek in their relationship.  

These intense programs and group sessions are best for couples who want to learn and work intensively over a short period. They can be used either as a preparatory to further counselling services such as couples counselling or individual therapy for specific mental health issues. The incisive programs can also be effective for couples who have tried counselling and want a different experience and approach.

Melody has created these intensive group counselling sessions and programs by combining the most evidence-based żheories, tools, and useful strategies she has learned and observed in her practice over many years to help couples get along.

Couples Conflict, Communication, And Intimacy Program

This is a two-day intensive program for partners who want to stay in their marriage but are struggling or feel they need a tune-up. This program addresses the following aspects of creating healthy relationships.

  • An evaluation of where we are at in our marriage
  • How to understand conflict: why can we not stop fighting and why do we have the same fight over and over
  • Tools to create new healthy interactions with your loved one
  • How are we doing regarding money, sex, in-laws, children, and running the household
  • Overcome myths of our marriage; challenge the past or current hurts and negativity
  • Building our friendship or making it more robust and learning how we can express our needs.
  • What is the importance of empathy and fairness, and how do we create and communicate these values?
  • Review the positive and what works
  • How has our individual growth affected our marriage over time? What do we both want, and what are we working towards together and as individuals?
  • What are our beliefs and views on sex and intimacy, and how do we talk about sex? How to say yes and no to sex, dealing with feelings of guilt and the rejection, "not tonight, honey."
  • How are we doing regarding our bodies, health, and physical connection? What makes us feel alive, creative, fun, and adventurous? Trauma and the effect of trauma on our relationship to our bodies, minds, spirits, and others

Affair recovery program

This is an intensive program for couples going through the discovery and recovery from infidelity. The program is provided to just one couple at a time. Registered psychologist Melody Evans will be your guide and create a safe space where partners can deal with the challenges of healing from an affair, work through issues with self-esteem, develop coping skills and emotion regulation. Issues covered include the three phases of healing from infidelity: atone, attuning, and attaching (Gottman, 2017). This program covers the following issues to assist a couple dealing with the challenging problem of betrayal:

  • Understanding PTSD its impact, effect, assessment of and treatment for PTSD due to an affair.
  • Transparency and expressions of remorse, shock, hurt and loss
  • Boundaries making sure there are only two people in the relationship now
  • Understanding the story and what happened, the WHYS
  • Restoring trust, and the expression of needs
  • Understanding how to express emotions, tolerate and regulate our emotions
  • Rebuilding the relationship, dealing with conflict and past hurts
  • Responding to the betrayal and moving towards acceptance
  • Moving forward in marriage with a new sense of connection: of what we are now, where were we, and what has changed.
  • Ways we will stay connected now that the affair is in the past
  • How to communicate dreams, wants, and needs
  • How do we deal with sex and intimacy, given what we have been through?

Pre-Marriage Program

This is a two-day intensive program for couples just beginning their lives together and covers all the aspects of how to create a long-lasting relationship. This program is an excellent idea for a wedding gift and is also for couples who want to establish good patterns of behavior early on in their lives together. Topics include:

  • Understanding Our Love Story, the Past, Present, and Future Where did we come from, and where are we going?
  • How to have a long-lasting friendship
  • How to effectively resolve conflict
  • How to manage our money now that we are getting married
  • How will in-laws and external relationships be managed
  • Our plans for children and our parenting styles
  • The wedding – how are we doing regarding the big day?
  • The stages of marriage and our shared purpose, goals, and dreams; as a couple and as individuals
  • What are our expectations of marriage?
  • Questions to you should ask your partner before the big day
  • How are we doing regarding sex and intimacy, and what are our expectations desires and needs long term?